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Qaida (First Step to the Quran)

This course is for those students who wish to take their first steps into learning to read and write the Arabic script of the Quran starting from the Alphabet with its (Makhraj) correct pronunciation The course will cover:

· Learning the complete letter with their different shapes.
· All kind of vowels.
· Different symbols of tajweed.
· All basic rules needed for Quran recitation.
Linking letters and vowels signs togather. At the end of this course students will be able to recite the Quran.

Nazira (Quran Reading)

This course is for those students who already completed their Qaida Course (First step to the Quran) or they already have some basic knowledge of Arabic.In this course the students will add beauty to their recitation of Quran.The students will receive extra attention from our well qualified teacher to improve overall flow of recitation.

Hifz(Quran Memorization)

This course is perfect for anyone who can read the Arabic script.In this course you receive memorization of the Holy Quran alongwith some essential and important Tajweed principals.In daily live sessions, you will receive lesson directly from the instructor, recite back to him and have your mistakes corrected. You will leave each lesson with the correction of some outstanding mistakes, allowing you to practice and memorize the lesson on your own, and then reciting it correctly to the teacher in the following lesson.


It is obligatory upon every Muslim to read the Holy Quran with Tajweed. This course teaches the rules of Tajweed and the students will learn the correct pronunciation of the Arabic letters. The instructors will go into the details of Tajweed rules including Ikhfa, Ghunna, IkhfaMeemSaakin, Idgham, Qalqala, Qalb, and IdghamMeemSaakinand. You will practice the rules with the instructor and learn how to apply the rules during recitation of the Holy Quran.

Translation and Tafseer Course

This course is only for those who can read the holy Quran with tajweed because the first right of the holy Quran is to read it with correct pronunciation and then to understand.This course needs to learn some basic Arabic grammar rules which help the student to understand the Arabic language which is the language of the holy Quran so we teach Arabic grammar for 1 to 2 months before starting of tafseer and translation. For more details please contact us by email or phone number.
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